The Doggy Haven Mobile Pet Salon offers the following services. We also partner with some locals to bring solutions to problems that we may not cover. See below…

Doggy Haven Services


The Doggy Haven uses a combination of herbal and conditioning shampoo to keep your dog's coat shiny and fluffy. Conditioning shampoo is only used in some instances and the herbal shampoo is used in general. Please request the conditioning shampoo if you require it. The Doggy Haven treat is the magical spritz at the end, which keeps your dog smelling fresher for longer.


The Doggy Haven uses a combination of force and heat to dry your dog's coat. The force dryer is louder and faster, where the heat dryer is slower but softer. We will always try the force dryer first to save your time and ours. However if the situation demands it we will use the Heat dryer. We will always keep your dog's well being in mind above all else. If it is established that the dog cannot cope with either, then we will towel dry and discount.


The Doggy Haven covers a wide variety of styles. A combined 8 years of shaving and styling various breeds means we can cover what you need. Please keep The Doggy Haven's slogan in mind here... "Comfort before Vanity." We will express our opinions about shaving certain coats if it could do damage. We always have the dog's best interest at heart.

Partner Services

Fleas & Ticks

Dog Food