Established 2015

The Doggy Haven started off as a hobby and a dream. Founder Judy Louw started grooming from her rental property back in 2015. It was not long before the landlord caught on and informed her that money may not be made from the premises. At the time, her husband JP Louw worked at a steel factory and as it happened, they made trailers. It seemed fate. JP started work on the first-ever Doggy Haven trailer in November 2015 and it was completed in December 2015. Since then The Doggy Haven has been mobile. As a mobile pet parlour, we had more freedom and it all actually ended up working in our favor. Going to show that even a bad experience can be a good one if you handle it right.

What was supposed to be a hobby for a few extra bucks, took on a life of its own in the small town of Hermanus. Before long word of mouth caused the phone to go crazy. Bookings were flooding in and as 2016 passed it became clear that we would have to get another trailer.

Sadly, in mid-2018 we lost our founder, Judy Louw. The business passed on to her son, Christopher Louw and although she did not get to see it, later that year, the second Doggy Haven Mobile trailer was on the road. Up to this stage, The Doggy Haven had mostly handled only the washing of dogs, lacking a skilled groomer. However, in 2019 we appointed our first skilled groomer, who can style and shave, expanding our services.

The Doggy Haven operates from Fisherhaven to Voelklip in the Hermanus area. Occasional trips are made to neighboring towns.

Where to from here? Only time will tell…